How do you know when to have surgery?

From: Heather (
Thu Feb 6 15:38:19 2003

I have a question. I have had 2 emergency surgeries due to bowel obstructions caused by adhesions. My last surgery also involved an adhesiolysis. However, I have daily discomfort which I have been dealing with in my own way. I have talked to my gastro Dr. about the adhesions and asked if another bowel obstruction was inevitable and if I should consider surgery with an adhesions specialst. He really said it was a 50/50 chance I would have another obstruction which either would or would not result in another emergency surgery. My questions is, should I wait till I get myself into another "emergemcy" situation or should I have a consultation at least with an adhesions specialist, and consider surgery to remove the adhesions? How can you make that decision? Thanks alot. - Heather

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