Re: Prayers of healing requested for the four people, who are at Frankfurt, Germany for surgery...

From: Anne Hayashi (
Sat Feb 8 17:42:12 2003

At Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>The following people are at Frankfurt to have surgery. Please keep these people in your prayers:
>In his email to me Dr. Daniel Kruschinsk said, " By the way, we operated on the first man last week and he, for the first time since years, could sleep laying and not sitting. Tomorrow (January 17, 2003) is his second look."
>Today (January 17, 2003) Dr. Harry Reich, MD (from the USA) and Dr. Kruschinski were scheduled to perform surgery for April DeGregory. Right now it probably is near midnight at Frankfurt, Germany - and April is recoverying from her surgery.
>Tomorrow (January 18, 2003) both Judy Kemp and Anne Hayashi will be having both Dr. Reich and Dr. Kruschinski to perform their surgeries.
>Best wishes to the gentleman (who had surgery last week and a second look today), to April, to Judy and to Anne for the success you are hoping to have as a result of seeking surgery at Frankfurt, Germany.
>With God's help - and the skill and experience of Dr. Reich and Dr. Kruschinski in performing technically difficult laparoscopic procedures - along with the prayers of your IAS friends and members, all four of you have a very good chance to become free of the pain that has consumed your lives.
>Best wishes to all of you!!!!
>Helen Dynda
>P.S. Dr. Kruschinski said: "If anyone would like to reach them, they have mobile phones that I can give to you later on." If anyone wants Judy and Anne's mobile phone numbers, let me know - and I will help you with this.

    Thank you for thinking of us and for all the prayers.
I am home now after a successful 2nd look revealed no new
adhesions.  I have had adhesions for 37 years and numerous
operations previously, like many of you.  My experience in
Frankfurt was truly unparalleled. I never dreamed that
this miracle could happen in my lifetime. The skilled
surgical techniques of Drs. Kruschinski and Reich and the use of
confluent spray as a barrier produced an adhesion free
pelvis for the first time since a cyst ruptured in 1965.
My sincerest thanks to them and to all of the support staff in
Emma Klinik who helped in my recovery.

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