Sat Feb 8 19:43:52 2003

Hi Cindy, This is April. I think there is a little confusion about who stayed on in Germany, it was judy Kemp, I can't speak for her entirely but she was happy with her surgery and doing well enough to stay on and enjoy some time there with her husband. Im sure we will get more from her. As for me I was very pleased with both Dr. Reich and Dr. Kruschinski. but I had somewhat of a difficult time, I was in the hospital there for seven days. I still am not doing very well. I am happy to say on second look I was adheson free and I have experienced some good relief in my pelvis. I am having upper ab pain, no adhesions were found this may not be related to my surgery at all unless it is intestinal spasms........(I had extensive small and larger bowel involvement with adhesions. I may possibly be having some gall bladder problems. Whatever the case, I am a ways from knowing just where I am,,,,,,in terms of being painfree, I still feel I got the best help available and am optimistic for my recovery.......and have nothing but good things to say about the whole setup in Germany. Hope we all hear from Judy herself soon......she was doing well and happy with her surgery.............. Don't feel bad about the mixup, there are alot of us to follow...I get mixed up myself, except for those I have met personally. And of course I appreciate your interest in all of us. Your friend, April

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