Re: Greetings from #Germany from mary lou

From: Robin M (
Sun Feb 9 07:30:06 2003

Dear Mary lou It was good to hear from you and that you are doing well with less pain. Thank you for letting us know about the others. My prayers are with you all. robin M

At Sat, 8 Feb 2003, wrote: >
><hello all
><i am one week post+op and am in less pain than <i have been in six
>months. Terry from <indiana and Dawn Rose from Boston had their
>surgeries yesterday and both are doing well.Attention to anyone coming
>soon, such as Sally Griegg, bring WARM slippers as the floor in the
>apartment is very cold. Also bring DVDs, both flats are now equipped
>with DVD players. <i have to stay an extra week or so because of the
>procedure <i had, which was not endoscopic,it was plastic surgery. THIS
>surance right now. Dan's company pays for 1/2 of the insurance. Our
>>old policy ran out on Jan 31. We are hoping to have new insurance on
>>March 1, but I worry about that. The company is to pay like we have
>>insurance, but I already have 166 in prescriptions already & have 5 more
>>to get this month, including my Duragesic patches, which will be more
>>than 450. The new insurance will cover up to 3,000 in prescriptions,
>>then we have to pay for them. I called the pharmacy & found out that I
>>spend over $10,000. a year on all my prescriptions! I am just not sure
>>how we are going to do this. Dan just got a raise & now the new
>>insurance is going to cost us more, but the raise will cover the
>>increase in insurance. I guess everything is just catching up to me,
>>especially the lack of sleep. If this continues, when we get our new
>>insurance I may have them increase my depression meds again. I am
>>already taking Paxil 40 mg and Buspar 30 mg. I pray for all of you
>>every day & say extra prayers when needed. I pray all that have had
>>surgery will continue to be pain and adhesion free. All my love &
>>prayers, robin M
>mary lou

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