Great to hear from people in Germany

From: Pam (
Sun Feb 9 00:06:05 2003

I am glad to hear from the people that have gone to Germany. I will be going in March and getting more excited every day. It sounds like there are more and more people going to Germany or that they are getting ready to go. Hopefully soon other doctors will learn how to help people out with the adhesions and there will be less of us having to suffer the pain that they cause. My family is excited about me going so I can get back to doing things with them and not be in pain all the time and most important is that I won't be so grouchy. Best of luck to everyone in Germany and the ones that are back home recovering. Wish we could all be adhesion free. Please keep me in your prays on March 11th (flight to Germany), on March 14th for my first surgery, March 21st my second look and March 26th for my flight home to recover. Everyone has been so helpfull and nice with helping me plan my trip. Praying for pain free days for everyone.


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