Re: i really need some fast help ideas anything

From: cathy:- (
Sun Feb 9 18:30:48 2003

Hey, Cheryl, what did they do to rule out acid reflux? The burning, near the stomach, and worse when lying down than sitting up are all symptoms of stomach acid backing up into your esophagus. Also of an ulcer up near the top of the stomach. (In either case with sitting up gravity keeps the stomach acid where it is supposed to be.)

At Sun, 9 Feb 2003, wrote: >
>Hi guy's it's me Cherryl, I am fairly new. But, this is my story right now,
>and very confused, and scared! Tuesday night, i awoke at 1am to having severe
>burning in my stomach, and in my back, it later turned into more of a severe
>cramping, and spasm like subsided somewhat, never left
>totally though.....Wed, night same thing, this terrible pain, keeps me up all
>night, and seems to get much worse when i lie down.....I was in the e.r. they
>did an x-ray of my bowel, and found lots of stool, then gave me a fleet
> did work somewhat, they also gave me tourdol, and it did nothing,
>last night i was back again, this time, blood work, more x-rays, still some
>stool, but was assured no blockage, she figures i am having spasms, which can
>present with severe back pain as well, so she gave me a shot of demerol,
>buscapan, and gravol, it did help, but once the demerol wore off, i was up
>all bloody night was a bit better today, but now as night
>falls, it's getting bad again, i have been taking the buscapan every four
>hours.......why would it get worse when lying down?????? Please, if anyone
>has had a similiar experience, or have any ideas, please write me
>a.s.a.p....i feel like i am going insane.....i really do
>Thank you so very much

cathy :-)

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