Question Re: 'balloon procedure'

From: Jennifer Bayles (
Mon Feb 10 12:27:08 2003

Greetings all. I had an 18" sigmoid colon resection back in December along with lysis of lots of adhesions from an open hysterectomy on June 19 and gallbladder surgery five years ago. I've had adhesion problems in the past, but nothing like the past year. My doc said, "It's just a big sloppy mess in there." No kidding. ;-) Apparently I've got adhesions now at the colon repair site and I am partially obstructed. I'm sure all of you know how I'm feeling. Yuk. The doc wants to run a scope up to that site and blow up a balloon to try to bust up the adhesions from the inside. (After 10+ surgeries and all the attendant tests, you'd think I'd be beyond any humiliation by now, but really, a balloon up my a?? **!!!...) I've never heard of this before. Has anyone had this particular procedure?

Also, I think it's time to consult a pain doc. I'm only 39 years old and I've been in some kind of chronic pain now for 10 years. During this time the docs treat me as either a "drug seeker" or an out-and-out addict. I read posts on this board from folks who are treated with oxycontin and other narcotics. How in the world do you get the docs to (1) listen and take you seriously, and (2) actually prescribe something for your pain on a long-term basis? How does one decide when it's time to go on disability? Grrrrr. Too many variables here for my control-freak mind to deal with.

I've always been optimistic following my various surgeries, but now I think I'm looking at the rest of my life as a big, pain-filled void and frankly, I'm pretty depressed. Thanks for listening.

Jen in Houston

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