Re: Feeling Down

Mon Feb 10 13:59:34 2003

Dearest Robin, I forgot to tell you that if you ask your Dr. for patient assistance for the Duragesic patches, he will give you a form to fill out and because of the fact that you have two children, and your husbands wages cannot make ends meet, you may qualify for free patches. I would get on it quickly because it takes about a month for them to make up their mind rather or not to help you, which they probably will. I do not receive patient assistance because I am on disability and have medicare, as if that makes any difference but they have their rules. Luckily I am on the Advantage program because my medicine bills are $2300.00 monthly. All I have to pay is a co-pay on each prescription. Well just thought maybe I might give you soe information that may help you in your time of need. Love you lots and May God be with You Always...............Love Dave

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