Surgeons, who perform adhesiolysis procedures in the United States and Germany...

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Feb 10 16:05:38 2003

MOST surgeons will refuse to perform adhesiolysis procedures that involve the bowel and cause bowel obstructions--unless the patient is having an emergency bowel obstruction!! I was told this by a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. There is a very good reason for them to say this; because adhesions WILL come back; and with every surgery they will cause more adhesions and more pain. It's a catch 22 situation!!

For anyone who has had surgery and is experiencing chronic pain, the pain is very likely caused by adhesions. It is imperative that these people begin to do their own research on adhesion related disorder (ARD).

There are far too many doctors, who are not being totally honest with their patients! Some tell their patients adhesions do NOT cause pain. This is not true!! Adhesions DO cause pain!! Many doctors don't even tell their patients what the risks of surgery are--and this is wrong!! Adhesions ARE one of the risks of surgery; and everyone, who is considering elective surgery, has a right to be forewarned as to the risks of a surgical procedure!

Only by doing your own research concerning adhesions--and any associated problems--will you know what is fact and what is NOT fact. Then, armed with the facts, you will be better prepared to discuss your adhesion-related problems with your doctor. Only after you have learned as much as you can about ARD will you be able to make informed and wise decisions.

There are NO easy answers to adhesion and chronic pain problems!!

In the United States I know of only 4 very skilled and experienced laparoscopic surgeons, who are having good results with adhesiolysis procedures: Harry Reich, MD, Jay Redan, MD and Clark Gerhart, MD perform surgeries at both Scranton, PA and at New York City (Manhattan); and Thomas Lyons, MD performs surgery at Atlanta, GA. There maybe are many more surgeons throughout the United States, who compare to these surgeons; but I have yet to hear their names mentioned on the International Adhesions Society Message Board.

I also know of 2 equally skilled and experienced surgeons in Germany: Matthias Korell, MD at Duisburg, Germany; and Daniel Kruschinski, MD at Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Reich does go to Frankfurt, Germany to perform surgery with Dr. Kruschinski. These 3 surgeons are able to offer their patients the advantages of SprayGel Adhesion Barrier ( and a second look laparoscopy. Neither SprayGel nor a second look laparoscopy are available in the United States at this time!! SprayGel is currently in clinical trials in the United States.

SprayGel adhesion barrier is also being used in surgery in Australia and the United Kingdom; but I don't have any information about the surgeons, who are using SprayGel in those countries.

Unfortunately, there aren't any surgeons in the entire world, who can guarantee an adhesion-free and pain-free result for their patients!! However, the surgeons in Germany have the advantage when it comes to the performance of difficult, lengthy, tedious and risky surgeries for adhesions; because they are able to laparoscopically apply the adhesion barrier, SprayGel. And then seven days after the initial surgery, they have the added advantage of being able to perform a second look laparoscopy to evaluate the success of the initial surgery. At that time they are able to easily "sweep down" any adhesions that may have reformed; and then apply more SprayGel to the affected areas.

My last surgery was in January 2002 at Duisburg, Germany. I continue to be free of adhesions and free of adhesion-related pain!! Since SprayGel was approved by the European Union in late November 2001, I am one of the long-term success stories!! I give the credit to Dr. Matthias Korell at Duisburg, Germany and to SprayGel adhesion barrier!!

If you are interested in seeking surgery with one of these 6 surgeons, I can provide you with information. .

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