Re: Cherryl ~ info for you

Tue Feb 11 17:14:19 2003

The disease she has is of the connective tissue. Right now she has a hard time swallowing making eating a real chore. Most people call it the disease that turns your body to stone especially the major internal organ's. There is no cure but they are asking for more money for research to maybe find a way to slow the progress of the disease. As for my sister her face is very tight, & it looks as if her mouth is almost stuck to her teeth, giving the appearance of what kids call fish kissing. Her fingers & toes turn a deep shade of blue almost purplish due to lack of circulation, as the body can do without the toes & fingers & not so the other major organs. She is on the duragesic patch along with other pain meds for breakthrough pain. Well, gotta go & feed my 2 doggies & about 7 cats. I will be on after 9pm when my step daughter gets done with her online class. Email me anytime you feel like it. I will be away from Friday until I get released from the hospital as I am going for surgery with DR Gerhart & DR Reich on Friday. They are going to try their best to help eliminate this God awful pain.

Hugs-prayers & pain free moments to you!!!!!!!! Peace Patti Grey Wolf

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