Re: Cherryl ~ info for you

Tue Feb 11 18:10:29 2003

My prayer's are with you, I do pray they can give you relief !!!!!!! Please keep us informed after you get home from having your' surgery!!!!!! God Bless you!!!!!! and, let's hope and pray, you will get relief very soon!!!!!!! Again, thank you......Your' poor sister, I hope and pray, she will find some comfort in her life as well........I am going to bed, I am so dizzy, but i think it's from the overwhelming stress today, and i am physically exhausted from the lack of sleep over the past 8 day's, I have yet to sleep through one night, I average, only a couple of hours each night...........i hope that's why iam dizzy.......

Prayer's and Hugs' and wishing you, pain free day's ahead Cherryl :)

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