Temporary benefits available or Fund for ilionquinal/ gastric

From: George (jimmiegeorge@cs.com)
Tue Feb 11 20:09:38 2003


I am trying to find anything that can help me make up income or give me full medical benefits after having an appendectomy that ended with damage to my ilionquinal and iliongastric nerve. It happens so rarely that you end up falling in a category of, "Sorry but it happens." So far no legal remedy for acquiring some recompense for this slip up during surgery can be found. My situation is one where the damage is just the risk of having surgery. Ok, but I've lost my job, my medical benefits, which I can have back when I am well but it has been seven months now and all the treatments at the United Pain Clinic has not been a great deal of help. I will soon have to go on some sort of medical assistance of which I have alread been told will not cover most of the pain care treatments. It will however pay for the drugs to cover up the symptoms. I guess it is cheaper to do. Is there any agency or fund that is set-up for this kind of catastrophe? Please let me know.

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