surgery in Germany

From: judymk (
Fri Feb 14 22:10:29 2003

Hi Everyone, I had the pleasure of meeting April and Annie in Germany for surgery in Jan. They came back earlier than I did as I ended out getting a recurrence of C. diff colitis. The colitis causes abdominal cramping and diarrhea. As far as the adhesion surgery, I think it went well. It will take a few more weeks for the colitis to calm down where I can have a more accurate reading. Otherwise, bowel movements have become "normal"; meaning like it was before adhesions. I also used to have a very angry, reddish/purple incision scar which is now more flesh colored. I am hoping these are good signs. Dr. Kruschinski and his staff are very pleasant and professional. During surgery Dr. K takes pictures before the adhesionolysis and after on both the first surgery and the second look. As I progress I will update here on the board. Take care, Judy

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