Re: surgery in Germany

Sat Feb 15 20:23:20 2003

Hi Judy, So good to hear from you. I had a bout with clostridium difficule after my hysterectomy in 1999, It took me quite some time to gain my strength back, it went further with bleeding ulcers and hemmorhagic gastristis. It was thought to be caused by antibiotics, but we had also been out of the country (St. Lucia) so they thought it was also possible to have gotten from bad water or food.. I lost 30 was bad. Sorry I didn't mean to get off into all that. So I must ask, did you end up back in the hospital or were they just able to treat you? Did you stay in Seliganstadt? I've continued to have upper ab problems.......still good relief in the pelvis......... and bowel movements are no longer agonizing events............I'm know my upper pain is not associated with adhesions.........I'm on a antispasm that is helping a little. Your friend was asking about you and here I gave her a report, of course without knowing of your problems.....sorry........she was pretty worried about ya. I say (ditto) to everything you had to say about germany, the docs, the whole

deal. It is a little earlier for me to know exactly where I am, but I'm encouraged. I emailed Ann, and we agreed that we could use one of those pastried about now. Keep us posted, Your friend, April

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