Post op complications hysterectomy

From: Angela Jordan (
Sun Feb 16 23:52:35 2003

Hi all, I just wondered if anyone had any complications such as infected hematoma from abdominal hysterectomy? The doc said that the hematoma would resorb on its own but so far, 2 months now, no decrease in size and I am having a possible skin reaction to MRSA (Staph aureus) nosicomial infection. I was told by a pathologist (friend) that these hematomas can sometimes fibrose and have to be surgically debrided....not to mention IV vincomison for the Staph infection. Any thoughts, comments, etc.

Thanks, Angie

>From: Judy Kemp <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: surgery in Germany
>Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 23:07:50 -0600
>Hi April,
>Sorry you are having upper abd problems. At least you've halved the
>playing field - now you can concentrate your efforts on the other half and
>hopefully get your full life back in the VERY near future!
>I had colitis 1/2 a yr ago after several rounds of antibiotics from the
>horrible hysterectomy that also gave me adhesions. I didn't know what was
>going on then but started feeling really badly and therefore monitored my
>temperature 3 times a day. After a few days it started shooting up (of
>course on a Sun.) so I headed to the ER. By the time I got there it was
>104 and when they rehydrated me the diarrhea kicked in big time. I had a
>big white cell count and a really ticked off colon based on the abd. CT.
>But that was then and I am now a much more experienced person. So when I
>started feeling flu-like a couple weeks after surgery in Germany (after
>having been feeling great), I took my temp more frequently and when it went
>up to 100, I headed back to Dr. K. Had a vaginal infx going on and the
>colitis deal as well. The vaginal infx pretty much cleared up and I began
>Flagyl for the colitis. Dr. K wanted me to hang around until things were
>progressing in the right direction for several days. I felt that was a
>very good idea too, so Randy and I bedded down in the same hotel where we
>had been staying.
>All in all, we were 2 days shy of 4 full weeks in Germany. Of course, more
>than half of that we planned on doing anyway given the first surgery and
>then waiting a week for the 2nd look, and then hanging out for 3 - 4 days
>before heading back. So this additional deal added another 11 days which
>was OK with us. It was very important to be under medical supervision with
>all of this going on - and Dr. K was conscientious in making sure I didn't
>get into problems (check ups, phone calls, etc.)
>I am so glad to read that your bowel movements are not agonizing deals for
>you anymore. That must improve quality of life greatly. Amazing how these
>nasty adhesions impact so many areas of living! I agree with you and Annie
>that a pastry about now would be wonderful. While having to hang out in
>Germany the last week I watched Randy drink many a fine German brew (not
>that I particularly even like beer) but it did make me feel bad that I
>couldn't have one if I HAD wanted when the going gets tough, the
>tough get chocolate. And on that note I enjoyed many a fine pastry. But
>there is always room for more research and I would be a willing partner in
>your efforts to find the perfect pastry.
>Take care, Judy
>We went back to the hotel where we had been. I did not have to be
>hospitalized again.
>On Saturday, February 15, 2003, at 09:26 PM, wrote:
>>Hi Judy,
>>So good to hear from you.   I had a bout with clostridium difficule after
>>hysterectomy in 1999,  It took me quite some time to gain my strength
>>back, it went further with bleeding ulcers and   hemmorhagic gastristis. 
>>It was thought to be caused by antibiotics, but we had also been out of
>>the country (St. Lucia)
>>so they thought it was also possible to have gotten from  bad water or
>>food.. I
>>lost 30 was bad.
>>Sorry  I didn't mean to get off into all that.
>>So I must ask, did you end up back in the hospital or were they just able
>>to treat you?  Did you stay in Seliganstadt?
>>I've continued to have upper ab problems.......still good relief in the
>>and bowel movements are no longer agonizing events............I'm know my
>>upper pain is not associated with adhesions.........I'm on a antispasm
>>that is helping a little.
>>Your friend was asking about you and here I gave her a report, of course
>>without knowing of your problems.....sorry........she was pretty worried
>>about ya.
>>I say (ditto) to everything you had to say about germany, the docs, the
>>It is a  little earlier for me to know exactly where I am, but I'm
>>I emailed Ann,  and we agreed  that we could use one of those pastried
>>about now.
>>Keep us posted,
>>Your friend,

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