Re: What to ask the surgeon

Mon Feb 17 09:44:56 2003

Dear Kath, make sure to make a list of things that you want to ask your srgeon before he injects you with a drug that may make you forget what you were going to ask. Ask him/Hr, how many of these procedures that they have done, and what have the sucess rates have been on a percentage of people out of 100 for instance. Ask them how long that they have been doing this type of surgury, and if they have come across ant type of complications during this type of surgury. Ask them what medical school that they went to to learn how to deal with adhesions, and how many they have done and the sucess rate. What kind of outome do they expect and whether or not you wil be on painkillers, and for how long. Just make sure that you get to know just who is operating on you and their credentials, because you surely do not want an intern operating on you. How many surgeons will be in the operating room and who is the lead surgeon, and how long has he/ she has been in practice. You need to get to know your surgeon and their credentials before letting anyone cut on you. Just tell them that you are asking these questions because you want a good outcome and that you are nervous just meeting surgeons and letting them cut on you without knowing anything about them. If thy are good surgeons, they will understand why you are asking uch questions, and will understand your fears. God Be with You..Dave

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