Re: surgery in Germany

From: Judy Kemp (
Mon Feb 17 21:12:25 2003

Hi April, Do keep me posted, and I will do the same. We have certainly shared alot of life in just a few weeks, and we will continue to support each other. Your not going back to work is wise until you are ready to. It is kind of a fine line - one where it is good to get out and talk with other people and do "your thing" vs. having the stamina and healing to be OK to do it. You will know when the time comes I am sure. Take care, Judy On Monday, February 17, 2003, at 12:11 PM, wrote:

> Hi Judy,
> Thanks for bringing me up to date.  Wow, two days short of four weeks,
> I bet you are happy to be home.  It sounds like they took good care of
> you Dr. K and your husband.
> I hope that we can keep in touch from time to time, I'm not looking at
> going back to work like I had hoped for right now.  It is true that my
> problems have been halved , that is a good way of looking at it.
> Sounds like you caught the infection a little faster this time, that
> is good.
> I hope you keep making good progress!
> I'll keep ya posted!
> Take care, April

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