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From: Eva Thomas (
Fri Feb 21 23:06:06 2003

Hello to all and an enthusiastic Dawn Rose!

I have just now started to investigate about 1. IBS and then 2. Adhesions. So, I am somewhat of a greenhorn, although I had surgery for "lysis of adhesions" in 1991. And, yes Dawn, Seligenstadt is a quaint little town on the Main river, not too far from where I was born and raised. THAT'S why I asked. You can imagine my eyes almost popping out of my head when I read your posts about surgery in Germany! I am german and was born in Frankfurt. I live in the US (WA) now with my retiered-Army husband and teenage daughter. We've been back here (we were here before and all over the US) for 2 yrs now. I have family and friends in Frankfurt.(If there's something you miss, Dawn, we can have it sent here, ok?) As you already gathered, I believe I am having a problem. I am copy/pasting my story for you next. I had originaly wrote to the Society in the UK, thinking they were the only ones "out there". Kathy Finlay let me know about this group and I finally made it on. Here we go:

Sorry it took a little longer for my intro. I am joyning this group from Washington State, USA.

1991 I had a total radical hysterectomy, which led to an adhesion-Ileus 4 weeks later. I had renewed surgery w/ Miller-Abott-tube. (hate to think about it).

6 weeks after that I had abdominal/vaginal radiation. This ordeal left me with criss/cross scars, hardening and lymphedema.

My digestive tract was challenged from then on and got progressivly worse through the years. I've had numerous CT's, small-bowel-follow-throughs, upper/lower GI's and Endoscopy's. (Colonoscopy's are not possible - tried twice).

There is no clear obstruction visible, but there is all the indication, on film, for a "partial bowel obstruction"/ "Ileus".

I am tortured by sometimes overwhelming pain w/ cramping, which gets more and more localized. I can only eat small portions of certain foods. Have to wait until it's digested. Otherwise I get "backed-up", bloated, lots of gas (which I cant get rid of), acid, gastric reflux, vomiting. I have diarrhea w/ urgent bathroom visits (and accidents) almost always. The cramps can be so bad, that I can see my abdomen move when they come on every few minutes. Scary. I only eat about 5 out of 7 days a week and am constantly full. 2 out of 4 weeks I feel sick and miserable. Take soluble fiber supplements, Hyoscyamine (like candy), Simethicone gas pills, Hydrocodone (for the really bad ones) and Doxepin (Tricyclic antidepressant). Have also studied about IBS, because my docs thought that's what I had at first. These studies have helped somewhat.

Well, now I havent got a clue how to live with a "partial bowel obstruction". I also know, that I might be inviting more trouble w/ an additional sugery. Especially on an iradiated abdomen. That's why I was looking for people who might have some input. This problem has become even worse within the last 5-6 yrs.

I will read your daily digests for more insight on this whole adhesion problem. Talk to you soon and thank you for listening. --------- I am going to see my military-doc in mid March to hear his ideas. I've read about enemas and diapers. All I can say is: OH, MY GOD!!!!!! I will look at the sites Helen Dynda posted and do some more studying in the meantime. I've also just written to a nice lady on another yahoo-group-site called That site doesnt seem to be as active. Do you have a chat room? I've never "chatted" online and would need help. My e-mail:

Thank you all and have a great weekend.



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