Re: troubled times for JADE

Wed Feb 26 07:33:31 2003

Tonya Dear, I have just gone through over 500 E-Mails that I have received before we got the snow and my back is killing me right now. I have placd the receivd E-Mail in my incoming mail folder so that I can respond to you in a little while. Please forgive me, but I must go lay down for a spell and let some medicine do the job, and I promise that before the day is through that I will respond to your mail. I just need to lay down for a little while, but I will respond in a bit and I will be praying for You. If you get a moment, I could use a small prayer for my back. I will get back to you in a bit. May God Bless You and see you through this cold cold day. In His Love.............Dave

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