Re: troubled times for JADE

From: Rainchild (
Wed Feb 26 08:26:08 2003

Dearest Dave,

You will be feeling better today for I felt the Holy Spirit when I prayed for you. God will be ministering to you today thru His word as you read it today. I feel the presence of the Lord as I write this letter to you. Claim your victory and don't let the devil tell you otherwise. I KNOW that God is able and willing to do exceedingly great things above what we even think or ask. And I asked for your total healing in the name of Jesus. He made you in His likeness and He created your body and knows your pain and He can heal you and raise you up too. I feel Him soooo strong right now. Claim it, Dave. He is the only one that can do this for you. I feel Him so strong. God please give my brother in Christ what he needs today. Lift up his body and touch him, but touch his heart today too, dear Lord and give him peace in his soul today. If Dave wants for anything, please meet his needs and lift up his spirit for your glory God. I ask this in your precious name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for your healing power. Thank you that we know you in the fullness and God be with my brother Dave today. Minister to him like only you can. I pray for a miricle today, dear God and take away this pain in his back. Our Creater and Saviour. Thank you God, in the name of Jesus!! Amen. Dave, I really believe that God will give you renewed strength and a healing today. I love you, Brother and so does God. I wish I lived near you so I could come over today and lay hands on you and pray for you until the pain fled. But I will keep you in my prayers thru out the day and will say your name to God over and over and thank Him for your healing. Bless you for taking the time to write to me. I believe that you will be feeling better very soon. God is not a respector of persons and He hears our cries when we pray. I feel Him soooo strong. Bless the name of our Lord....Jesus!!! I will check in with you later to see how you are doing. If you would ever like to call me for pray er or just to talk, you can call me collect, I will deny the collect call and then call you back on my cell phone because I have 16 hours of time to talk and I never get to use it all. And it's free time. So just give me your number if you want me to call you and I will. It would be good to hear your voice. Have a great day. Remember to claim your victory today. I believe that God has helped your already. Love in Christ, Tonya

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Tonya Dear, I have just gone through over 500 E-Mails that I have received before we got the snow and my back is killing me right now. I have placd the receivd E-Mail in my incoming mail folder so that I can respond to you in a little while. Please forgive me, but I must go lay down for a spell and let some medicine do the job, and I promise that before the day is through that I will respond to your mail. I just need to lay down for a little while, but I will respond in a bit and I will be praying for You. If you get a moment, I could use a small prayer for my back. I will get back to you in a bit. May God Bless You and see you through this cold cold day. In His Love.............Dave

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