A question for anyone

From: Lynn (mikelynnmorris@cox.net)
Wed Feb 26 21:18:22 2003

I have had 4 c-sections and the last one (over 5 years ago) the doctor even mentioned that I had alot of scaring that he took out. During the the last c-section I also got my tubes tied. I have had the most god awful periods in the world, cramps where I will just roll on the fround from the pain. 5 years later 4 ultrasound later I guess I have cysts they say and say you'll be fine they will pass. I am at the point I can't have sex anymore (thank god i have a very understanding husband) and now when I have an orgasm my ovaries I can't even explain the pain. I have a doctor's appt. on Monday how can I make then take me serious that I can't live like this anymore? Any suggestions or idea or maybe what I can tell the doctor to look for?

thank you for look and reading Lynn mikelynnmorris@cox.net

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