Re: A question for anyone

From: linda garcia (
Wed Feb 26 21:27:41 2003

Dear Lynn

Your story sounds alot like mine, except I had 3 sections. They removed adhesions after delivery of the 3rd, then turned around and told me I was an addict when I couldn't walk and had to go to the ER.

I had to go to the ER in a city an hour away for help. They sat there and talked to me, then referred me to a new gyne, she went in a week later and found tons of adhesions.

The thing that has worked best for me was to take my post op report (the one that says the removed adhesions) to a place like family planning. The one I go to here is great cause they do everything on a sliding fee scale and I don't have insurance. (they don't do abortions here either) The nurse there was so understanding and she helped me get a doc that would prescribe the nedded meds.

Take you report with you, at the IAS site, in the archives there is tons of info you can print and take with you. Dr.Weisman has written a letter for us to print and take to the docs stating that we need meds and we are in pain. Just go to the adhesions site and it will be there.

Let me know how your appt. goes, I will pray for you, good luck

bunches of love from a new friend

Linda Garcia

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