Re: End of the road!

From: Tish (
Fri Feb 28 09:23:41 2003

Dear Leeann, First of all let me tell you dear that there most definitely is hope for be normal and well and relatively pain free again. That hope is to get to Germany and have surgery with The very skilled surgeons there and the gasless procedures and the spray gel..which seems to be promising more than any thing else. So do you give up keep on fighting this fight..and try to find all the info you can find regarding surgery in Germany..and see if you can find a way to get there..ok.. Im working on going myself..just getting all of my ducks in a row and my money saved up! Myself..i am on the duragesic patches 50s and im on Lorcet 10/325 for breakthrough...and Celexa..and Valium for when it gets really really bad. Sounds like if the Lortabs are working for you..then maybe you just need some more maybe maybe a higher dosage. If i can do anything at all to help you too just holler...ok. my email address is free to email me if you want to ok.. Just keep your chin up and remember that there is definitely hope.. i will keep you in my prayers. hugs and love Tish

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