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Tue Jan 6 19:46:37 2004

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I have had two surgeries so far including a c-section with one of them and my Dr. was great. I felt like I was 5 years old after them. It's been four years since the last one and I will be needing another surgery soon but I will not let anyone other than him touce me. His name is Dr. Wagner and he is in Cheyenne Wyoming. He is an excellent OB\GYN Dr.

So far I have been averaging one surgery every four years and when he works on me he makes two very tiny incisions in my bikini line and another small one in my belly button. I highly recommend him and so would anyone else for miles around. Good luck, Sheila

P.S. If you need anymore information or any help here in town please email or call me. I will help you as much as I can. We have to stick together (no pun intended!)

___________________ does anyone know a good adhesions dr. in Az. or close by if not , I'll

anywhere at this point looking forward to hearing from you all

love Blanca

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