Re: OBGYN surgical experience

From: Tonya (
Wed Jan 7 21:29:26 2004

Cherie, that is probably because OBGYN'S do so much more than just surgery. I being worked in the medical field maybe understand I really dont know. I have only had surgery by my OBGYN, I have never even seen a general surgeon. Mabey that could be good or bad. I will say that I am very lucky that my Doc. always listens to me. She gives me what I want when I am in pain. Dr. D'Amato is a wonderful ob-gyn for anyone living here in the Dayton Ohio area. If anyone out there lives in my area please let me know. Good Luck Cherie

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> It would be helpful to me if I could get data or information on the
> surgical experience of an OBGYN. I've found some rating information and
> data for other physicians with surgical specialties, but not for OBGYN,
> whose experience in surgery could vary greatly. Please advise if any
> references exist.

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