Re: Pain after C-Section

From: Pam (
Wed Jan 7 21:29:52 2004

Hi, I had a c section in 94. Almost 2 years ago I started having real bad pain in the incision area on the right side. I went back to the obgyn that delivered my baby. He checked, we did an ultra sound.etc. I even had a shot right in the scar tissue..nothing helps. After my period ends I will have pain for about 5 days in that area. It really hurts after I have been sitting and try to stand. He said he had only seen 1 other case in his practise and he believes some of the uterus linning got sewn into the outer wall causing the pulling after the perid swelling goes down. I may not have it verbatim but thats the way he put it. Also I can feel the scar tissue getting bigger and harder. I haven't been back in a while but it hurt worse as time goes by. He said probly surgery would eleviate it, but more than likely the scar tissue would reform.

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