Re: Pain after C-Section

From: Balde Family (
Thu Jan 8 17:47:34 2004

Hi! I have had two c-sections and several other abdominal surgeries, so I have many incisional scars. My uterus had stuck to my abdominal wall by a very thick adhesion that went along the entire length of my c-section scar. I ended up having it removed. After my last surgery, my new doc sent me to a physical therapist who does scar massage, something I had never heard of. She showed me a way of massaging not only my new scar, but my old c-section scar as well. It's a real gentle massage, where you place your two index fingers perpendicular to each other and press gently as you push towards each other. You do this as you move along the scar. Both of my scars were very hard before and the new scar was pulling every time I leaned or stretched at all. Now they are both much softer. My old c-section scar is very soft, it's incredible. That scar is 5 years old and it's virtually non-existent now. The newer scar is still there, but it is so much better and I don't have the strong pulling sensation in it anymore. I still massage both scars, you need to keep up with it. I still have the internal adhesion pain, but not having this "external" pain has helped me a lot. Maybe scar massage would help you somewhat. Samantha

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