Re: undergoing pelvic adhesiolysis 1/19

From: sarah (
Sun Jan 11 11:12:23 2004

Hello Laura, Im so sorry you are still having problems. I am also. before the hysterectomy i had my appendix removed, 3 c sections and a mass of endo removed from my scars. I had a full abdominal hysterectomy about 2 years ago. I had severe adhesions and stage 3 endometriosis. I think i got about 3 months of pain free after the surgery and then the symptoms came right back again. My obgyn said a hysterectomy would cure my problems. but that was a joke. I had adhesions on my bowels, intestines and endo on them and they were all twisted up. My gyn took it upon himself to untangle them and scrape all of it off my bowels etc. he didnt call in a bowel specialist. I have had stomache problems ever since. I had to have my gall bladder removed last jan and about 3 months later my symptoms have gotten worse. I have been to so many doctors who keep telling me i have IBS which i know i dont have . they are the same symptoms i was having before the hysterectomy. I have been to the ER so many times with the pain, and all they want to do is give me laxatives and enemas. the last time they did it to me i became so dehydrated i couldnt even get up out of bed i was so weak and it took me a month to recover from that trip to the ER. anyway, my stomache looks like i am about 9 months pregnant it swells so bad everyday and the pain in my back and stomche are so bad that i have had to quit work, am living off of pain meds and even to get up and stand at the sink to do dishes hurts me so bad. I wish i could get temp. disabilitly. My new doctor said he is scared to go in and do a lap becuase he might cut my bowels intwo and he said he didnt think there was anything he could do that would help me but put me on lupron. Now how is that suppose to help the adhesions, i know it will help endo, but not adhesions. I wish i could get a doctor to listen to me and go in there and do something for me. I know they have some barriers out there they can use when they remove the adhesions to help them from not forming again. But he looked at me like i was crazy when i suggested it. I think im going to find a new doctor. I go monday for a CT of my abdomen and pelvis, but i dont think the adhesions will show up on that, it didnt when he did and ultrasound of me.

I know im rambling but i have had it with this pain, and with the doctors. I hope you get some relief from your surgery. Post a message and let us know how youare doing. sarah

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