From: Benita (
Tue Jan 13 20:35:19 2004

This is my first time e-mailing. I have been reading all of these e-mail and in everyone I fell like I'm reading my life.I have had alot of surgerys. Appendex,Hyster,Colon,C-section Lap.on and on. Dr's have said it's in your head,I need a shrink, on and on. There's nothing else they can do live with it and take Ducolax everyday. I have been in so much pain for so long Dr's think I a drugy.Ha.Ha I hate to take anything.What hurts the most is when my little girl says mommie teach me how to ride my bike and I say mommie is hurting. When I look outside and see her and her daddy running and playing hide and seek,and pray one day I going to run with them.When it takes everything you have to get out of bed and take her to school in the mornings. I do have pitty parties but sometimes I have to stop and still look at others around me.I walk in pain but I can see.I walk in pain ,but I can walk. I hear her laugh and my ears and working. Each day I have to keep finding my strength in God. God has given man knowledge,and I would like to ask if you all would pray with me that He would send the knowledge. After we pray then we should keep Praising Him for the answers.Everytime we are in pain praise Him for the answers. When people think we are crazy, praise for the answers.One can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten thousand to flight. Think what our praises could do. I am in the North Carolina area if you know if a caring dr. that you have worked with and that will listen please let me know. We can't loose hope,then were would we be? Do some thing today for someone else. Call,send and note. Clean out a closet and bless someone. When we are in pain and take our eyes off of our problems and focus on someone else that is when we get our needs and prayers answered.I ask the Lord everyday to help me learn from this day and what I learn help me to help others. That is what we are doing on this website. Helping others and making new friends along the way. God bless you all and thank you for your help and prayers. Benita

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