Re: undergoing pelvic adhesiolysis 1/19

From: Lisa (
Tue Jan 13 20:37:45 2004

Laura, I don't post here very often, I'm one of the "old timers", but I read your post and HAD to respond!! All I can say is...Whoa...BIG red flags here!!! PLEASE stop and reconsider MORE surgery so soon! 5 surgeries in 7 months?? You sure have been through an aweful lot lately! More surgery (without the proper tools for a successful adhesiolysis) will more than likly make things worse! Please, I'm sure that is not what you are looking for! You need to take some time to research what options you do have. And if your surgeon has been in there 5 times in less than 2 months, something is very wrong! He is obviously NOT helping you! There are very few surgeons in the world that can even begin to claim that their adhesiolysises are successful.Please cancel your surgery, and take the time to explore your options, I'm afraid the road you are on now will only bring you more misery!! This is all my opinion, but I think one of the most effective tools, (one that is absolutely neccessary)is an effective adhesion barrier!! I, myself had surgery with the most successful adhesiolysis surgeon in the world. On January 19th I will be adhesion free for 1&1/2 years...that is success...not having 3,4..5-6? surgeries, only to have them return?? Worse than before?? If you would like to hear more about my experience please don't hesitate to contact me...I'm here! In Friendship, Lisa Graven

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