Adhesions Causing Severe Constipation/Pain

From: Julie A (
Sun Jan 18 21:09:40 2004

I have had multiple abdominal invasive abdominal surgeries, two of which were for lysis of adhesions. It has been over ten years since my last major surgery and up until about a year ago I was doing pretty well as far as pain from adhesions (I know what it feels like based upon my earlier experiences). Gradually though, the pain is increasing, but for the past two months I have had an average of 7-10 days in between bowel movements which is causing severe pain. Tonight I honestly thought I was going to die trying to have a bowel movement which I never did have. The cramping and pain subsided after a while, but the pain literally stopped me in my tracks. There are times that I cannot even pass gas or urinate due to all of the pressure. Once I am able to go, then those two symptoms go away. The problem is I can't find a doctor who will listen to what I am telling them as far as knowing my own body and what is wrong. I keep hearing the same old "surgery will only cause more adhesions". I cannot tolerate much more of this pain. I don't know where to turn!

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