Re: adhesions after hysterectomy

From: Jennifer Plateo (
Tue Oct 5 16:51:26 2004

At Mon, 4 Oct 2004, diana wrote: >
>hi jennifer my name is diana...and i know what you are going through i
>had a hysterectomy in sept. 2000 it took 6 1/2 hours i too had severe
>endometriosis i had several operations before the hysterectomy to remove
>cysts,adhesions and the endo my husband and i went to a fertility doc
>who was wonderful and really tried to help me but he said my tubes were
>crushed under all the endo he finally told me he couldn't help anymore
>and couldn't string me along anymore.i have had 6 surgeries since 2001 i
>too am in constant pain it never really goes away. like a fool i
>thought if i had everything taken out it would be ok. i feel good after
>an operation but 2 months and it starts all over again, i can't keep a
>job because i can't work in all that pain. my husband and i are going
>under bills are piling up and i can't get a job because my doc is going
>to put in an adhesions barrier which he has to open me up to do and it
>will take 8 weeks to recover or longer i keep getting operation after
>operation every 6 months or so it takes me a little longer to recover
>than most people. believe me i dooo know how you feel it is lonely. can
>i ask how did you get disability everyone says i should try but
>adhesions are not considered a disability i can't walk too far and can't
>sit, drive for long periods of time i hate being like this but there
>isn't much i can do.but hang in there you are among friends here we all
> take care, diana lamond

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