gynecare intergel

From: maria (
Fri Dec 24 18:26:51 2004

gynecare intergel,

well lets see we can start by saying the doctor went in and had already done a laproscopy he then went in and removed my ovary and used the intergel before he closed me up in december of 2002. then I wasnt feeling any better when I got released from the hospital and I ended up calling him one night and he told me to come to fort hamilton hospital in hamilton, ohio.

When I got there they did a cbc and the doctor came in and said I had an infection my white bliood count was 22,000. So they admiitted me again then he went in and removed my apendix but thats not what the problem was.

It was the intergel, I then developed a square blood clot and it was so pain full and the doctor said it was one of the rare side effects from the gel. I had three surgeries after the intergel was used and becase of it I ended up with a full blown hysterrectomy and I was thrown into menopause at 30 I turned 30 on January 28th of 2003. I have been seing a pain doctor for over a year I have had to have two colonoscopies and sent to a uroligist to try to figure out what all my pain was from.

Once again the gel is and has been my problem it has caused alot of uneccasery surgeries and taken alot from my life I was back at the doctor yesterday and we talked about the intergel thats why I decided to do some research and I have spent about 11 hours so far searching things and this gel. so yes the gell that was turned down by the fda 11 times should have never been used.

also my doctor didnt tell me he used it untill my 4th surgery. then when he trieg to contact the company no one wold get ack with him because he had all these questions about me and the gel and no one would get back with him for weeks I spent alot of time in the hospital and I was told yesterday he is going to do surgery AGAIN because I am still having pain from that gel. At this time my youngest child was getting ready to turn 1 in febuary. I wasnt able to lift her for almost a year with out being in so much pain.

My other two which are now 14 and 12 suffered because I couldnt drive them to soccer so they dropped out and I couldnt and still cant do any straining or anything using my stomache muscles or sleep on my stomache. Not sure of the exact dates of all my surgeries but know end of 2002 and begining of 2003. ow that the pain I suffer everyday is the worst pain I have ever had I live with pain on a scale of 8 atleast daily. I do knAlso my husband has his own company and had to stay home with the children during all this time I spent in the hospital and our sex life it not good. It hurts for me to have sex.

why at 31 almost 32 should my body be like im 70. Have a bestfriend that had endometriosis and the doctor may have used the same gel we dont know so we both want to find out about her also. but I know it was used on me.

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