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From: Susan Ramsburg (
Mon Jan 19 13:20:27 2009

I have only gone to two different surgeon and both have siad surgerys only cause more adhesion. The only way they would recommend surgery would be something drastic, like stranglation of the colon or intestines or nerve imeolvemnt. So I am going to take the pain meds if I need them and just try to have as normal a life as possible. Then if soemthing happens I willlook in laproscopic surgery, no cutting. I would love to have to money to travel to Germany for the proedure they use. I this the US needs to get off their butts and approve this method. Thanks for all you support everyone and I will keep all of you in my prayers. Susan R

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I, too, had to sit through a psych evaluation, again, before being given the "opportunity" to have narcotics prescribed for daily use. The results were very good, "extraordinarly well balanced emotionally and mentally", and I asked the Doc if I was being checked out to make sure that I was emotionally balanced enough to knowingly and willingly choose narcotic drug addiction as a solution to adhesion pain. We both had a good laugh when she replied, "yes". Seriously - who, in their right mind, would choose drug addiction?

I refused the "treatment" of narcotics.

I carry a copy of my medical records with me when I see a new physician. I have prepared a simple health statement with lists of meds, surgeries, dates and Docs names and contact numbers. I ask that the files be reviewed before I meed with a new Doc. If a Doc comes in to see me without review, I simply give her or him another chance to review and make another appointment. If he/she refuses, I find another Doc.

It is not easy to suffer from a problem that no Doctor wants to address. Most Docs will tell you that pelvic pain patients are their least favorite to treat as they understand that, most times, there is no relief in sight, multiple surgeries are required and their own judgement may be questioned by their mal-practice insurance providers.

Get your records together and keep the mental health assessment results on top of the pile. Only see Docs that are willing to believe you and recognize that most that don't believe are only protecting themselves from having a patient that they are powerless to heal.

I know how difficult it is to keep going when you hurt most of the time. Care for yourself as best you can and just keep going. Breathe deep and stand tall. Your pain is real. The cause is real. The answers are not always the ones we want to hear, but there are answers for relief even though that relief may only last a short while. We all deserve respect for dealing with chronic and often debilitating pain while doing the best we can just to live our daily lives.

Best, Donna B

At Wed, 14 Jan 2009, ScaredMa wrote: >
>My records have been sent to Dr. Redan in Florida and he thinks he can
>help me. He wanted me to wait 6 months so that my body could heal from
>the multiple surgeries that I had last year. I am hurting constantly,
>some days worse than others. My lower back really hurts. I am so
>thankful for this website and all the information and support I have
>received from here and at CAPPS. I wish no one had to endure what we
>are enduring but it helps to know that I am not alone. I have even
>taken a psych eval. due to the fact that my mental health has been
>called into question in all of this. They are also trying to tell me it
>is just irritable bowel and I was diagnosed with irritable bowel 4 years
>ago and never had all these symptoms as I have now. Each time it has
>been endometriosis and scar tissue and in my last surgery it was a mass
>larger than a softball and endometriosis and scar tissue but now all of
>a sudden it is irritable bowel. All of this has taken such a toll on me
>physically and mentally. I am just sick and tired of being sick and
>tired. I can't wait to go to Florida and hopefully find some relief and
>just knowing that Dr. Redan believes me means so much to me. Also,
>after the psych evaluation results came back in my favor helped but it
>still hurts so much to be treated as I have been treated. I also wrote
>to The Doctors show hoping that they would deal with this issue and
>bring it before the people so hopefully more can be done to help all of
>us who are suffering. I have had a really rough week and just needed to
>vent. Thanks for the hope that I have received here. Jen

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