Encouraging Each other

From: Lis:- (kiwi2b4x@aol.com)
Sat Jan 24 13:34:21 2009

Hi everybody, Although I read posts almost daily, I don't usually join in unless there's a topic that I feel I can contribute to positively. Let me be all mushy, gushy for a moment and tell you why the forum is important in my day to day life. My problems started at twelve with endo and ovarian cysts,so my parents and sisters were with me for my first surgery at fifteen. My husband of 28 years is Senior Pastor of a caring church in Savannah where I'm Worship & Programming Director. I have a 26 year old son who's an RN and 23 year old daughter at home finishing college. At work and at home, I'm constantly instructed to take it easy. I give this brief history to make a point. Although I have a wonderful support system, the very closest people in my life simply can't relate to my frustrations like you all do. We're misdiagnosed by the vast majority of doctors treating us and the pain we endure, both physically and mentally,is more frequently than not,minimized. All of us have, at one time or another,felt insulted or intimidated by a member of the medical profession or a family member. (Isn't it humiliating when tests come back normal over and over? Am I the only one who's PRAYED for something to show up this time!?) I suspect we all have those moments of feeling hopeless when surgery after surgery, medication after medication, doctor after doctor, offers little hope, let alone a solution or cure. I highly recommend Dr. Jay Redan in Celebrations, Fla. Even though his credentials are extensive and impressive, what I appreciate most is having a surgeon of Dr. Redan's caliber validate my illness and offer treatment when other surgeons say no way. We have a unique condition with no absolutes where treatment is concerned, so building a relationship with a local physician is a must. Finally, we must all remember that our doctor is there to do more than dole out a prescription every time we call the office!! Lis:-)Morgan

I have been on a gluten free diet for nearly 10 years now(Celiac Disease) There is no question that it can help those with adhesions simply because you are not putting as much strain on your intestines and digestive track. I very RARELY ever "cheat" because I KNOW what will follow. Days of fatigue, bouts of severe constipation,back pain, etc. Having said that, unless you are a Celiac, the diet is not ideal for everyone and is hard to follow properly if you eat out a lot or don't read food labels. Have a great New Year everybody! Lis:)

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