Left sided pain

From: Debbie B (dlbaranes44@yahoo.com)
Sat Jan 24 18:28:37 2009

Does any body else have throbing pain deep in the lower left side of the pelvic.This has been going on for a while. I went to the ER about it and the Doctor told me I needed to have a good bowel movement. He also handed me a referal to a surgeon. I dont have Insurance any longer so that didnt help much. I am a little scared about this, any ideas.I also wanted to confirm the site for finding out about trials related to adhesions is ClincalTrials.gov They are updating all the time. I seem to not meet the criteria for any of them, but Ill keep looking. The last thing I want to do is keep having surgery only to get 8/9 weeks without the pain that is caused by adhesions. Thanks to all who keep posting it realy does help to know your not alone.

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