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Get a Wii!!  Play at your own pace.  Don't know if you know, but they are putting them in nursing homes to help the elderly and it is working they say.


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I really need to hear this because I've been lying around depressed, not exercising or doing anything much.  I'm going to take your advice and get out of bed starting tomorrow! ----- Original Message ----- From: Kelly Murray To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 6:11 AM Subject: Re: Hi

Jan, You are correct about physical activity.  I started Jazzercise a year ago and it has helped me.  Of course there are days that I can't go but I try to go at least 2 to 3 times a week. The strong colon cleanses may not be for everyone.  When I have used them, my stomached was very very sore from the adhesions pulling but a mild one seems to do okay. After being on this site for a few years, it seems that the people that stay in bed have the worst pain and depression.  You have to try and live a semi-normal life > the best you can.
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The below came back to me as spam and I am trying to resend it.   Jan   ----- Original Message ----- From: Jan Finley To: Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 12:33 AM Subject: colon cleanses, etc.

You can do your own colon cleanse with hardly any expense. The one I use involves Epsom salts, olive oil and lemon juice all in various degrees depending upon your particular profile. There are premixed ones found in health food stores, but I would not dare recommend what might be best for you. There are many websites that you might research...Just type "colon cleanse" into your search engine and Voila! - You will be able to sort out the genuine from the wackos, I hope.   The first time I used the "natural one" based on an alternative med suggestion, I thought it was going to about kill me before the benefits of it were over, and I have never used that strong a dosage since. But, WOW, it worked! If you go for that, be prepared NOT to go out of your house for a while, from 4 to 12 hours.   As for as rebounding is concerned, I found it coincidentally when I was looking as an alternative to road running on days it was too cold to go outside. In spite of my condition, I firmly believe in staying active. Rebounding has many benefits, not the least of which keeps things moving in the intestinal track, as well as loosening the areas where the adhesions are most painful. Another method I use to get relief is to use one of those large exercise balls and, lying backwards, extend the torso as far as possible, thus stretching the entire abdominal area. It is not for the "faint of heart", but both methods really work if you stick with it - and can stand the initial discomfort. Eventually, you find that your condition has improved, though never gone - It can hit you sometimes when you feel as if you've done EVERYTHING right- but you just pick yourself up, dust off and keep trying.   One other thing that you, or someone else, mentioned....You can get a Homedics (or other brand) self-massager and use it in the area where you are having the most obstruction. Once again, this is not a cure (I doubt there will be anytime soon, as it is not cost-effective condition for physicians to treat), but it can provide some relief.   Over a 25-year period, during which most physicians would not even acknowledge that a condition such as ours existed, I have had to improvise my own methods of relief. Staying physically active has worked best for me, but I know that is not the answer for everyone.   After posting my last message re: "Oprah", I got to thinking that there are few celebs, including Oprah, who would take up our cause, because it has no "glamour", and the embarrassing side effects we all have would make it difficult for a lot of us to "go public", as it were. I'll still give my "two cents" to bring awareness, but I am skeptical to say the least, because most people who take on causes want a "happy ending"......   In any case, I encourage you -and everyone- to be, continue to be active, not just in bringing attention to our plight, but staying as physically active beyond what you think you can stand. - Don't want to go all "Zen" on you, but go into your pain, become a partner, rather than resist - It will serve you well when it strikes unexpectedly.  And stay healthy in your other "parts".   Be glad to have your family and friends, and take comfort in their being.  Be glad for the adhesions website, and know there is always comfort here - and often good advice.   You take care, too.   Jan     ________________________________

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