Re: pain due to possible adhesions

From: Joy (
Fri Feb 13 12:47:11 2009

If you have adhesions, they will not be shown in any tests. The only way to truly diagnose them is to do laparoscopy and see them. But the reason the tests are important is because you want to rule out all other possibilities before assuming adhesions. And if it is adhesions, you don't want to do surgery without trying other ways of lessening the symptoms.

All that to say I don't encourage just assuming you have adhesions right off the bat - but with your history and symptoms it sounds like that adhesions are the likely culprit! I have them and have had all the similar GI symptoms (except for the burning) - chronic pain, fullness/bloating, and nausea. They never showed up in my CTs, colonoscopies, x-rays, or ultrasounds. They did laparoscopy to remove what they thought was an ovarian cyst and I had so many adhesions they couldn't see most of my organs. That's the only way I was ever diagnosed. The best thing I would say is if you've exhausted every other option try to find a doctor who is versed in adhesions and who knows they & all the symptoms are real. But also one who won't immediately do surgery, but will go through all of your options and work with you. I'm still in the process of finding a doctor like that! Good luck!

At Fri, 13 Feb 2009, KC wrote: >
>I came across this site looking into some ideas that keep being asked by
>my Dr's. "Could I have adhesions and how many surgeries have I had?"
>I have had 4. 3 laperoscopies in which they went in through the naval
>and abdomin for endometriosis, fibroids and cysts. They took my
>appendix while there and than the last was a full hysterectomy leaving
>one overy for hormones due to my age.
>I have struggles for a year worsening the last 6 months with chronic
>abdominal pain, fullness, burning and nausea if I lay on my right side
>or flat.
>I have had CT, Colonoscopy. AB X ray and finally a Upper GI with small
>bowel follow through. I have yet to get the upper GI results but am
>concerned it will be another " WE cant find anything"? Could there be a
>real connection between my GI problems and Adhesions?
>I must admit the worst pain is at the naval which was the primary site
>of 3 surgeries and near the other areas in close proxemity to other
>surgical entry points. I just wonder If I am going into debt with tests
>that will never find the problem?
>I know no one is a dr but maybe someone can share their thoughts or
>experience with me on this. The constant pain is wearing on me in all
>areas of my life.
>I have also tried 4+ months of accupuncture to treat My GI pain with no
>I am looking for hope.
>Thanks for listening-KC

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