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>Do you live in MN? I'm in Stillwater, MN.


I live not very far away from Stillwater on the other side of the St. Croix in Wisconsin. I work in the Twin Cities.

Hope you get your health coverage situation fixed. But as I said, I have insurance, actually have been told I have pretty good insurance, but would almost be just as well off without it if I'm not allowed to use it for what ails me the most!!

Take care-

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>Have you tried a Internal Medicine Doctor?

>>>----- Original Message ----- >From: _jetstamp_ ( >To: _Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS_ >( >Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 3:20 PM >Subject: Hype!! > >I just had my follow-up visit for a new gynecologist. Unfortunately, I >am right at this moment kicking myself for once again falling for the >hype. > >This doctor was listed as a member of the International Pelvic Pain >Society. On the clinic's webpage, it said that his special interests >were pelvic pain, endometriosis, and menopause. He also was listed as a >top women's doctor for the year 2007 in a Minnesota publication. > >At my first visit 3 weeks ago, he did seem to listen at length but >pretty much dismissed any ideas I had about my condition, which began in >1984 after an on-the-job injury which affected my lower right quadrant >and pelvis (the injury was never diagnosed- I still wonder about some >type of hernia or prolapse). > >I also gave him a 6-page timeline beginning in 1984. Since I've had >this for so long, it is just too difficult to remember everything so I >have it on my computer and I update/edit it as needed. This helps save >me from struggling to remember stuff when preparing for an appointment >with a new doctor- of which I've had many because I have never in my >25-year history with this found anyone who took what I said at face >value and at least would do what they COULD to help me cope if nothing >else, like pain meds [besides the dreaded anti-depressants-ick!] or FMLA >papers to protect my job during flare-ups or frequent appointments. I >also gave him a copy of a CT scan and an MRI from 5 years ago- the >interpreting physician had no problem suggesting possible adhesions. >Also 2 physical therapists thought I had adhesions, probably from the >injury itself as well as subsequent surgeries. I have not been >'officially' diagnosed with adhesions- just have been given the lame, >vague names for some of my symptoms- IBS and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. > >Anyway, today, I experienced the all-too-familiar 'rushed' appointment. >All he did was explain my current hormonal situtation- the beginning of >menopause, etc. which was fine. But not one word about pelvic pain or >anything relating to my most troublesome issues. I could tell he just >wanted to be done with me. > >I have fallen for this 'hype-type' of thing before. I had the same kind >of experience with a urogynecologist at Mayo whose articles I had read >on PubMed. In those articles he came across as having sincere sympathy >and interest in pelvic pain and dysfunctions women often endured. He >barely gave me the time of day- we barely spoke. > >I get so mad at myself for buying into this kind of advertising- 'false' >advertising. I'm wondering if I should bother to state my opinion on > I sure would like to. He has only 7 reviews, all of which >were positive alhtough 7 is not very many reviews. I have to be careful >though because somewhere in the fine print it says something to the >effect that you are held responsible for what you say so don't know how >honest I'm allowed to be. > >Wish I could be like a woman who posted on the website. She >has such a low regard for doctors that she said she had not been to one >in 27 years- that was when she had her last baby. > >To remove yourself from the _adhesions@adhesions.org_ >( mailing list please go >to the unsubscribe form at _ >( >p.s. for the web forum version see >_ ( > >%3D62%26bcd%3DfebemailfooterNO62)

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