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Tue Feb 24 18:17:31 2009

Jetstamp, Do you live in MN? I'm in Stillwater, MN.


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Have you tried a Internal Medicine Doctor?

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I just had my follow-up visit for a new gynecologist. Unfortunately, I am right at this moment kicking myself for once again falling for the hype.

This doctor was listed as a member of the International Pelvic Pain Society. On the clinic's webpage, it said that his special interests were pelvic pain, endometriosis, and menopause. He also was listed as a top women's doctor for the year 2007 in a Minnesota publication.

At my first visit 3 weeks ago, he did seem to listen at length but pretty much dismissed any ideas I had about my condition, which began in 1984 after an on-the-job injury which affected my lower right quadrant and pelvis (the injury was never diagnosed- I still wonder about some type of hernia or prolapse).

I also gave him a 6-page timeline beginning in 1984. Since I've had this for so long, it is just too difficult to remember everything so I have it on my computer and I update/edit it as needed. This helps save me from struggling to remember stuff when preparing for an appointment with a new doctor- of which I've had many because I have never in my 25-year history with this found anyone who took what I said at face value and at least would do what they COULD to help me cope if nothing else, like pain meds [besides the dreaded anti-depressants-ick!] or FMLA papers to protect my job during flare-ups or frequent appointments. I also gave him a copy of a CT scan and an MRI from 5 years ago- the interpreting physician had no problem suggesting possible adhesions. Also 2 physical therapists thought I had adhesions, probably from the injury itself as well as subsequent surgeries. I have not been 'officially' diagnosed with adhesions- just have been given the lame, vague names for some of my symptoms- IBS and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

Anyway, today, I experienced the all-too-familiar 'rushed' appointment. All he did was explain my current hormonal situtation- the beginning of menopause, etc. which was fine. But not one word about pelvic pain or anything relating to my most troublesome issues. I could tell he just wanted to be done with me.

I have fallen for this 'hype-type' of thing before. I had the same kind of experience with a urogynecologist at Mayo whose articles I had read on PubMed. In those articles he came across as having sincere sympathy and interest in pelvic pain and dysfunctions women often endured. He barely gave me the time of day- we barely spoke.

I get so mad at myself for buying into this kind of advertising- 'false' advertising. I'm wondering if I should bother to state my opinion on I sure would like to. He has only 7 reviews, all of which were positive alhtough 7 is not very many reviews. I have to be careful though because somewhere in the fine print it says something to the effect that you are held responsible for what you say so don't know how honest I'm allowed to be.

Wish I could be like a woman who posted on the website. She has such a low regard for doctors that she said she had not been to one in 27 years- that was when she had her last baby.

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