The pain med issue

From: Kris (
Wed Mar 11 20:34:34 2009

I just have to vent on this whole issue. I see so many of us in pain, being judged by the medical community, not getting the medication we need, and it drives me nuts! I've been there myself during ER and doctor visits, until I ended up at the wonderful pain management clinic that I'm currently at. Here's my point. Does the medical community expect diabetics to suddenly produce their own insulin to regulate their system? Do they expect those with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol to immediately be able to reduce those factors? Do they expect cancer patients to eliminate their condition without chemotherapy or radiation? Severely depressed people to go without the medication they need to help them cope? We see ads on TV for these conditions all the time! My point is why do they expect those of us who live in chronic pain to just tough it out and deal with it?? It isn't realistic, much less fair to expect that we can. There really are pain management clinics and doctors who understand our issues. I just beg each of you to not accept that this needs to be a way of life without help. I know first hand the suffering that we all go through. I beg each of you to reach out to your doctor and if she/he isn't the one to help, please keep looking! We don't choose this condition that hurts us so much any more than other sufferers of the conditions that I used as examples. I care about all of you and I hate to see anyone suffering so much! We really shouldn't have to. There is just such a stigma attached to using pain meds. They are there for a reason if used appropriately. If you feel you can, please search in your communities for a good pain management clinic. The right ones really get it and can help. OK. I've said my piece and my opinion. I just feel so bad that everyone hurts so much. The pain meds don't make it go away, but they do help take the edge off and improve quality of life!! We have that right, don't we?? Why do we have to be considered differently than others with life altering conditions just because it takes pain meds to help us be better? I'm done with my venting! I just want all of us to have the relief we deserve. Let me know if I can help in anyway! Take care, everyone!


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