Back pain, nausea, and weight loss

From: entrapped (
Tue May 29 08:33:38 2012

Hello everyone.

Daily I experience back pain - at times horrific. Additionally, what is "odd" is that no one seems to be able to figure out why upon waking up in the morning and while of course the contents of one's lower intestines are moving (I'm trying not to gross any of you out) which is obviously normal upon awakening, I feel intense back pain, nausea, and wretching which seems to subside somewhat following a bowel movement. Additionally, I've lost a great deal of weight and I'm barely able to maintain what I've got which isn't much... I should be at least 20 pounds more than I am. Thirteen years ago I did undergo a laparoscopy and lysis of adhesions. Endometriosis was discovered, my left ovary was adhered to my sigmoid colon which was all adhered to my left pelvic sidewall. I've had a number of laps since then and supposedly there weren't any adhesions and perhaps one endo lesion. I'm 56 years old now, have had the above-mentioned symptoms for.... I have no idea - way too long. Anyone here experience any of this? I'm worn out and at a loss.

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