Adhesion research in Armenia - progress!!

From: Dr. David Wiseman (
Tue May 29 08:36:55 2012

Adhesions, bowel obstruction - hyperbaric oxygen in Armenia!!

I was contacted by a Dr. Mesropyan, a surgeon in Armenia who has done some interesting work using hyperbaric oxygen in patients with adhesions and bowel obstruction.

His work was never published in English and that's why I am putting it here.

He has studied over 200 patients operated on for acute or chronic bowel obstruction and treated some with hyperbaric oxygen plus some injections of hyaluronidase. His therapy, he reports reduced morbidity (complications, illness), mortality, early and rate recurrence rates, and reduced hospital stay.

Rafayel Mesropyan, MD, PhD Associate professor in Surgery Yerevan State Medical University Armenia, Yerevan

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