From: BirdMom (
Tue May 29 09:04:25 2012


I had an appendectomy on Nov. 25, 2011...15 days later I started having severe gastro type issues and pain in my lower right ab. (sureguery was laproscopic)

I've had CT Scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, EGD, Colonoscopy, Gastric Emptying Study, Small Bowel follow thru and had my stool checked for blood, bacteria and parasites. Everything comes back normal.

I had no, zero, issues prior to that surgery...

All the dr's that I have been to just want to pat me on the head and say I have IBS. (I have multiple BMs every morning and sometimes several throughout the day, I have a bloated, full feeling in my stomach(?), intestines, in the beginning I was vomiting a lot but that has gone away...I don't always feel hunger the way I should....I have lost 30 pounds and while the weight loss seems to have stopped, I'm not gaining weight, even when I should...

I'm beginning to wonder if the pain in my side is causing the gastro symptoms and I wonder if it could be an adhesion????


If so, does anyone have any Dr's they recommend????


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