Son has severe gas pain as soon as he stands up from waking up

From: Julie Mull (
Wed May 30 21:01:55 2012


My son is 21 and he has had stomach trouble since December of 2010. Started with vomiting and he is now to having severe gas pains every morning upon getting up. He says when he is laying down he is fine. As soon as he stands the pain is pretty much unbearable. He has had his appendicts out when he was 12 laprascopically. He has had several MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, gastropharesis test, hida scan, blood work and all comes back normal,but his white blood cell count is high 12-15 thousand. After several hours this pain sometimes subsides,just to return with a vengence the next day always. Drs cant figure out what is wrong with him. Could the adhesions be causing this gas and pain and bloating every morning? This is taking a big toll on him and my family. I have heard that a lidocane injection might help him. Has anyone heard of this and any thing he could do to help himself. I have bought him every pill under the sun. Digestive enzymes ect. He is on protonix, he did have an endoscopy and it was found that he has severe acide reflux. Could this be caused by an adhesion also? He is on xanax as he has alot of anxiety. Thank you for any help anyone can give me. I am in Fort Wayne Indiana. Does anyone know of a good Dr. around this area? I asked my Dr is it could be an adhesion and he said not likely.

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