Re: Pelvic adhesions and exercise

From: Sophie (sophiesisthebest@hotmail.con)
Wed May 30 21:01:55 2012

Hi Laura, I am also 21 and have adhesions in my pelvic area. It started this time last year in may when I had an ectopic pregnancy, I was treated with methotrexate which was he worst pain of my life...but I manged to get through it! 6 months later I had a laparoscopy because I was suffering from bad pains...that is when they found extensive adhesions. I had them removed ur I am now in the same pain...I cannot walk sometimes...I am in pain 24 7. It is awful...all I wana do is cry. I used to be such a bubbly happy person, I'm just a shell of what I used to be. Funnily enough I've just got back from the doctors and he gave me pain meds and anti depressants because I told him how sad this was making me. I cannot see a way out anymore, I've tried swaps! Nothing has improved. I'm at my wits end

Hope things get better for the both of us :) x

t Sat, 12 May 2012, Laura wrote: >
>Ok so my story. Im 21yrs old. When i was 17 had 10cm in diameter
>Ovarian Dermoid tumour. Only on left ovary, they removed it after about
>3 months of it being undiagnosed. They did open c-section surgery. Then
>few months later still no better. I turned 18 and there was another 8cm
>in diameter tumour on the same ovary as before. Doctor went in key hole
>to remove it and said it was attached to my sigmoid colon by adhesions.
>I was having TERRIBLE bowel problems. Anyway.. few months later still
>no better. Had to go out of the country so a doctor would have a look
>because the all just told me there was nothing wrong with me, and i knew
>myself i was not right still. Had more keyhole surgery and i had LOADS
>of adhesions all around where the tumors were before. I even had some
>to my liver prior to a pelvic infection apparently. So the surgeon cut
>through them and used something called ADEPT to try and stop them coming
>back. And guess what? still no better.. thisn have settled down a bit,
>i deffinately still have some adhesions there. What I am asking is does
>anyone have a similar story but their pain gets worse when the exercise?
>Obviously something is stuck to something in there and when i exercise I
>get really really bad pains.. It feels like a mixture between a stitch
>and a massive bruise, but the pain will linger for days after i have
>used the threadmill or something like that. And also does anyone think
>there is even any point in going back to the doctors for them to have
>another look.. because if the Adept stuff didnt work the first time
>what else can they do to stop them coming back? Also have just been
>diagnosed with depression just purely due to the chronic pain. Its
> would think there must be something to stop them coming

Sophie xxx

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