Conitnuation of Adhesion pain perception

From: Bev (
Thu Jul 8 12:03:35 1999

Having had long discussions with pathologist friends of mine as well as surgeons, it is perseved that the peritoneum will generate pain...but there doesn't appear to be pain pathways on the external intestines. I feel that this is a true perception as I did not experience anyother pain at any time throughout my 14 years with adhesion disorder. In my two previous adhesional lysis, I experienced pain always in the lower right quadrant..and in each of those operational reports, I have ONE attatchment to the peritoneum in that area! I ask you all to secure your own operative reports for your own study, to aclaimate yourself to the PROBABLE adhesion attatchment sites that you have, and then compare those sites to your pain area....this will give you a semblane of awareness of why you suffer the symptoms that you do. Keep in mind, each consecutive surgery might produce more adhesions, but you will probably be able to get a decent idea of your adhesional involvement. Bev

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