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From: Gina (
Thu Nov 18 08:10:05 1999

My doc took pics of my adhesions in my pelvic area. At 1st I was pretty grossed out seeing my insides (thank god it was a B & W pic!) but it was fascinating to see these spider webby looking things all over in there! My hubby said it looked like I had been "slimed". I saw them as thick spider webs reaching everywhere and totally covering everything. All of my pelvic organs and area was attached to each other by these webs. I can imagine the doc's challenge in trying to remove them all, and understand now why it took him 5 hours! Luckily he was able to do it laprascopically.

Within 4 weeks I had grown new adhesions from omentum to the vaginal cuff though. Those were removed in a second surgery when I had my ovaries & tubes out and more adhesions were removed from my upper right abdomen and bowels at that time. Of course now I wonder how many have grown back and where :( Gina

At Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>Someone has said, "I can't imagine what adhesions look like."
>What do adhesions look like?
>The Photo Gallery (to the left side of this web page) consists of many
>photos of various kinds of adhesions.
>** scroll up (from the bottom) to the title, Photo Gallery.
>The Photo Gallery links are in the early stages of readiness for viewing
>- so you will find some links that are in error; but don't let that
>spoil your use of the Photo Gallery!.
>Dr. Wiseman, with the assistance of Karen O'Keefe, has made possible
>the Photo Gallery with these revealing photos of adhesions.
>Be sure to go to the Photo Gallery!!
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