Severe back pain after surgery?

From: Gina (
Thu Nov 18 08:19:08 1999

Hi All, I know Chris has experienced this, wondering if anyone else has? I have always had a semi-weak back but only rarely have I ever hurt it badly enough to seek treatment which was usually muscle relaxers for 2 days and a couple pain pills.

After my 2nd surgery in 2 months this summer (last surgery was 2 months ago now), I had severe back & neck pain. It went down my leg and my foot went numb, often. My right arm also went numb from the neck pain. I went to the Dr. and he referred me to a physical therapist for treatment. We assumed it was from the position I had been put into at the surgery, dorsal lithotomy. But here it is 2 months after surgery, I have been going to physical therapy 3x a week since then getting moist heat, electro stimulation and ultra sound on both areas, plus gentle exercise. I am not feeling any improvement and in fact my back seems to be getting worse.

I have an appt. with a chiropractor tomorrow just to get an xray and exam (I hate chiro's they always hurt me more, LOL, so I won't let him touch me). I am only 36 and I feel so crippled from this pain and inability to do normal things!

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas what it is from and why it's not healing? My PT thought maybe it was from adhesions on my spine or near it??? I have also been having pain in my lower left abdomen and hip area. This new abdominal pain just started about 10 days ago. Gina

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