Ladies Home Journal -- Ginni

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Feb 7 11:23:11 2000

Now there is a ray of hope!! I am excited for you that the Ladies Home Journal has expressed interest in a first person story about "your experience" with adhesions and surgery for adhesions!! I am sure that once you get started with writing your story that the words will just automatically flow. Please keep us informed.


At Mon, 7 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Thanks. I have forwarded the site on to Bev, who you know will let me know
>her opinion on it, and depending on what she says, I will mention the site on
>the Forum. Any hope is good hope, right? My insurance papers are in the
>works and I hope to have my surgery next week. I will keep everyone up to
>date. I can't thank you enough for contacting me and showing me this site.
>I have made so many wonderful friends and supporters and it has given me
>hope. Everyone has been so kind and understanding and hopefully I will be
>able to help others soon. I am working on an article now for Ladies Home
>Journal (they contacted me and told me they would be interested in an article
>told in first person, giving my story) and I am hoping it will be accepted
>and maybe someone else will see themselves and get help from it. At least it
>is getting the disease out there and recognized in some small way. Wish me
>luck, because I am not a writer, but am going to try. Thanks again, Ginni

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